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Application analysis is our business

Delivering any form of digital transformation across the enterprise means that new software is deployed or existing software needs to be modified, this is when you need Fedr8 to quantify, de-risk and accelerate the change. Digital transformation without understanding application integration and architecture carries a high risk and could prove costly. To bring a company’s application estate into line with the company’s business needs and objectives is the real reason for Digital Transformation.

Our Vision

Accelerating Cloud and PaaS adoption through automated analysis

We see the biggest barrier to cloud adoption being the unknown unknowns, enterprises need answers to these fundamental questions:

What does my application estate look like?
Refactor, Recode or Retire?
Where are the major risk points in migrating my applications?
What is the best execution venue for my applications?
How much work is involved in migrating my applications?
What work would be required to re-architect my app into a micro services construct?

Our software answers these questions

By automating the analysis of source code, Fedr8 gives an estate-wide view of your applications, size, languages and architecture, all the way down to identifying the specific lines of code that will require some level of remediation. We significantly reduce the initial discovery time and cost from weeks to hours. We produce a comprehensive report on each application analyzed, this analysis typically takes 24 hours.


Where do you start?

Start with Fedr8

Digital Strategy, Cloud Strategy and Digital Transformation, you need to know where you are starting from. Many enterprises have developed their key applications over many years and any development manager can tell you that development evolutions carries with it development unknowns and technical debt. If you don’t know where you are starting from you can’t know the path you need to take nor the cost of taking a path you choose.

By using the Fedr8 software you remove the unknown and quantify your risk so you can choose the right path, understand the cost and know how long the path is. Simply register and upload your code to the Fedr8 portal.


Maximize the Cloud and PaaS Opportunity

Cloud Native is not a myth

Migrating applications is one thing, making those applications work correctly and utilize their new environment to it’s full potential is another. Typically, it is only newly developed applications that are built as cloud native. The Fedr8 software helps customers identify where code needs to change to move legacy applications towards being cloud native. By also identifying where application components intersect we can accelerate the breakdown from monolith to micro services too.

As organizations adopt Agile and DevOps processes and cultures they need to extend those capabilities to include the organization’s legacy application estate, the Fedr8 software can be built in to the continuous integration and development cycles improving release times, increasing release cycles and reducing technical debt.


How Fedr8 can help your business

Initiating your Digital Transformation

Fedr8’s software will deliver value back to your organization across the transformation timeline. Initially Fedr8 can assess if an application will work in a target cloud. By completing a deep analysis of the application Fedr8’s software can quantify the cost, time and workloads associated with transformation.

The identification of individual lines of code allows the remediation activity to be accelerated and costs reduced and risk removed.

Alongside Digital Transformation and the use of Cloud PaaS solutions the Fedr8 software helps organizations adopt and deploy agile development techniques and a DevOps approach to the build and release of their digital assets.

See why Fedr8 is causing a buzz in the industry

See why Fedr8 is causing a buzz in the industry