Accelerated application analysis, integration into PaaS or Cloud with the issues already understood

The unknowns of application Integration complexity is a major barrier to PaaS adoption, cloud adoption and application modernisation. Each application interacts with external services, APIs, databases and other critical touch points. To deliver the same or improved application functionality during and after Cloud migration and ensure business continuity, integration and application complexity must be understood.

Our Application Integration module delivers in hours against the weeks of traditional manual methods. Fedr8’s software identifies the blockers and functionality loss that will stop you migrating your legacy, complex applications to the Cloud.

It can also help avoid “lock-in” to proprietary Cloud platforms, and support the migration between cloud platforms giving a company’s digital transformation total flexibility to leverage the optimal clouds as new functions and workloads come on stream.

The Fedr8 3-step process to Application Integration


We analyze your custom applications to expose integration points with external services, APIs and other applications that need to be understood to ensure tight integration into the destination Cloud platform. The source code is simply uploaded onto the Fedr8 portal and within 24hrs a full report is available identifying each line of code which needs investigation and a allocating a severity level to the issue discovered.


We identify which integration points and services will work in your chosen Cloud platform and where required, the actions necessary to optimize application integration within the Cloud platform.


With all the critical information now available Fedr8’s software enables you to accelerate the migration of your legacy application estate to your chosen Cloud platform with confidence, knowing that the integrity of your critical services and applications will be maintained at all times.

Boardroom benefits:

  • Identify exactly where the code changes are required to enable a successful migration
  • Eliminate costly application code rewrites
  • Improve application performance, functionality and reliability through the use of new Cloud native features
  • Accelerated discovery and analysis
  • Reduced cost
  • Enable the reuse of valuable business critical assets