Start with Fedr8 and choose the optimum Cloud

There is a wide variety of Cloud providers to choose from, but how do you make the correct choice for your business today and for your future business needs?

Embarking on your Digital transformation you need to make the right decisions about where to deploy your critical applications. Will your application even work in the cloud?

The Fedr8 Cloud Compatibility Assessment helps identify the right Cloud platform for your custom applications. The Fedr8 software will identify which cloud providers and technologies will be compatible with your applications allowing you to make an informed decision.

We have experience and understanding of all the major Cloud providers, whilst remaining Cloud agnostic. CCA will help determine the optimum environment to support your business growth.

The Fedr8 3-step process to Cloud Compatibility


Fedr8 proprietary application analytics software will analyze your custom and legacy applications producing an online report to help determine the changes required for a smooth transition to a Cloud environment.


Fedr8’s software automatically identifies the code changes required to enable your application to be migrated to your target Cloud platform. Fedr8’s analytics suite saves time and cost and offers the answers to complex queries in hours and not days.


Application migration can only be undertaken when the most appropriate PaaS or Cloud platform has been identified Once that decision has been taken Fedr8’s application analysis software will provide further information to enable application modernisation, remediation and migration to your chosen Cloud platform with confidence that the security and integrity of your applications will be ensured.