Meet the Team

Damion Greef CEO

Damion Greef

Chairman & Chief Executive

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Mike Welling Director

Mike Welling


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Leon Zackoski Data Scientist

Leon Zackoski

Data Scientist

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Rhys Sharp Chief Technology Officer

Rhys Sharp

Technology Advisor

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Samit Halvadia Advisor

Samit Halvadia


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Derek Ward Board Advisor

Derek Ward

Board Advisor

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Partnering with Fedr8

To make a decision first you must be informed

Fedr8 is building an Ecosystem of partners that provide complementary technology, consultancy and innovation services to deliver actionable insights to organisations worldwide. Through our ecosystem, we ensure both your success and your customer's success! If you would like to know more then please email us on

Who should join?

Technical/DevOps and developer partners

The traditional migration or modernization project will start with a lengthy and often inconsistent analysis activity that is both time consuming and costly, delaying refactoring activity and time to value for the customer. Fedr8 accelerates this process through automation reducing analysis time from man weeks of effort to hours allowing the partner to focus on refactoring and delivery automation with DevOps.

Consulting & System Integrator Partners

Customers struggle to understand the business case associated with transformation or cloud adoption so they typically turn to an independent consultant or system integrator to help them find the answer and help them undertake the transformation. Fedr8 delivers key information that will give the partner empirical evidence about the applications the customer need to transform ultimately helping the partner deliver a high-quality project with minimized risk.

Cloud Service Provider partners

Cloud Service Providers have invested millions of dollars building secure, resilient and scalable cloud platforms. Fedr8’s software will help those service providers accelerate adoption of their platforms and thus improve time to revenue for the CSP and time to value for the customer by allowing them to onboard their most precious assets; their apps. By removing the technical aspects that block the adoption of the cloud solution Fedr8 are the ideal partner, Fedr8’s software can answer all of these questions.

Cloud Partners

Technology Partners

Services Partners


To become a partner please email