Fedr8, the application discovery company, and Rainmaker Solutions, the business transformation
specialists, announce the completion of their first technical project together.

Staffordshire County Council asked Rainmaker to build a business case and roadmap for moving out of
their on-premises data centre and into the cloud. This project didn’t just involve comparing cloud and
on-premises running costs, but factoring in the time as well as effort needed to migrate to the cloud so a
programme could be created to drive changes forward effectively with funding secured.

Rainmaker had 10 weeks to complete this work and wanted to deliver the kind of detail that would
normally require months of comprehensive application discovery. Aware of the client’s needs and with
Rainmaker always looking to leverage new and innovative technologies to support our clients,
Rainmaker engaged Fedr8 to analyse Staffordshire’s applications on their Green Rain application
analysis platform. This was completed in one morning, including the uploading of Staffordshire’s
applications source code to the platform. The immediate output meant that this part of the project
could be completed in a much more efficient manner and to a greater level of detail than what would
normally be expected, significantly reducing the time spent investigating, testing and ultimately

Tom Gouldon, Engagement Lead, Rainmaker commented:

“Estimating the time and expense to migrate in-house apps to the cloud used to take weeks and months
of work – in a matter of hours we found applications that can be quick wins for migrations and for the
rest we can build business cases supported by quantitative analysis. This is a real game changer for us in
assessing readiness for the cloud.”

Vic Falcus, Head of ICT, Staffordshire County Council said:

“I was impressed with the functionality of the Green Rain software; the council has a reliance on some
applications that were developed in-house, where off the shelf functionality was unavailable or to
enhance digital processes delivered through our website. Any Business Case investigation around the
cloud migration of a complex ICT estate requires analysis of a raft of variables to avoid unforeseen costs
or unpleasant surprises down the line. Fedr8’s software has quickly and efficiently given us robust data
around this aspect of the potential change.”

Damion Greef, CEO of Fedr8 added:

“The Green Rain application analysis platform yet again proves that no application needs to remain as a
“black box” that can’t be moved updated or upgraded. Working with Rainmaker and Staffordshire we
exposed the DNA of 5 key applications in one day.”