TechMarketView Little British Battlers 2016
Fedr8, the Digital Transformation Company and Application Analytics Software vendor is pleased to announce it has been selected to participate in the 9th bi-annual TechMarketView Little British Battler day in London on the 15th November.

The TechMarketView Little British Battler days allow a selected group of innovative small companies punching above their weight to showcase their technology and leverage from the insight of TechMarketView analysts and the increased awareness of the company and its products that this brings.

The TechMarketView LBB day is a great opportunity for companies operating under the radar to really shout about what they are doing and why. Participants in the day are quizzed by industry experts and analysts on business models, products and markets and are given access to a network of skills to help them on their journey of growth.

Fedr8 is a partner led proprietary software business and solves one of the largest inhibitors to Enterprise adoption of the Cloud, legacy application compatibility with the major cloud vendors platforms. As Digital Transformation takes hold in the enterprise companies are increasingly needing to understand more about their existing applications as they make the shift towards Cloud and agile delivery. Fedr8’s software delivers the required business case information that allows them to make the right decision about their applications. The majority of Enterprise companies wish to move to the cloud to take advantage of the lower cost and functional superiority it can offer. Fedr8 enables that transformation.

Commenting on Fedr8’s participation, Damion Greef Fedr8 CEO added:

“The challenges of most small companies with big ideas is having their pitch heard. The TechMarketView LBB day allows its participants to shout from the rooftops and gain insight from other LBB’s and leverage the analyst network to talk to customers, suppliers and potential funders.”

“Having your ideas and business model validated by your senior peer group gives new customers and business partners confidence that they are joining with a quality company.”


Damion Greef, CEO
Tel. 07823328816
Email. info@fedr8.com

Notes to editors:

Fedr8’s software solves one of the major IT problems in the world today: How does a major international company move to the cloud and capitalize on the efficiencies and economies that the cloud brings? The shift to cloud technologies and the digital transformation projects undertaken by large enterprise organizations pose many challenges, there are the unknown figures relating to cost and time for migration or transformation. In addition, there are unknown risks relating to relocating or changing the applications that support their businesses. Fedr8 reduces the risk in legacy software applications, identifies the most appropriate cloud to move to, accelerating the application analysis by 90% whilst significantly reducing the costs by 50%.

Fedr8 solves this problem using it’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine which interrogates software at a code level allowing the code in that software to be changed to suit the major cloud companies’ cloud platforms. 50% of enterprise organizations have over 500 software applications written in multiple programming languages across their global estates. This Enterprise is Fedr8’s primary market. Fedr8 are in the business of digital transformation to enable Enterprise businesses to optimize technology advancements. Our mission is to support our customers in embracing the business benefits of the adoption of the Digital Economies through accelerated adoption of Cloud Environments.