TechMarketView Little British Battlers 2016
TechMarketView has released an article about Fedr8 as Little British Battler, saying:

“Companies looking to move to Cloud Platforms often face the massive task of migrating hugely complex bespoke applications. This is especially the case for established banks which typically have many thousands of applications of various vintages. Fedr8, founded in 2012, enables companies to forensically analyse the source code underlying an application. Mapping out its functions and inter-dependencies then allows key components of the code to be extracted and to be deployed in a more efficient cloud-based environment.

The proprietary Fedr8 system offers significant advantages over how this work has been attempted before. It uses machine learning techniques to complete the analysis in hours, rather than taking many man-days of effort. The analysis will also get more efficient and accurate as it gains more “experience”. Inefficient code can be eliminated, making the move to cloud even more cost-effective. The customer will then be able to build a clear view of the costs, priorities and the risks of the migration process.

Farnborough-based, 12-man, Fedr8 has until now been running Proofs of Concepts with several prospective customers but we understand that one large bank has now signed a significant contract. The experienced management team, led by CEO Damion Greef and CTO Rhys Sharp, are also actively building partnerships with key System Integrators. These partners will prove to be the most important route to market, extending the reach of the Fedr8 system into global markets.

Banks are now embracing the move to cloud and the underlying technology is mature enough to support their systems. Crucially, the regulator is now looking favourably upon cloud deployments. Fedr8 supplies an important piece of the jigsaw to enable the sector’s transformation. We expect this Little British Batter to generate substantial, and highly profitable, growth as a result.”


Damion Greef, CEO
Tel. 07823328816
Email. info@fedr8.com

Notes to editors:

Fedr8’s software solves one of the major IT problems in the world today: How does a major international company move to the cloud and capitalize on the efficiencies and economies that the cloud brings? The shift to cloud technologies and the digital transformation projects undertaken by large enterprise organizations pose many challenges, there are the unknown figures relating to cost and time for migration or transformation. In addition, there are unknown risks relating to relocating or changing the applications that support their businesses. Fedr8 reduces the risk in legacy software applications, identifies the most appropriate cloud to move to, accelerating the application analysis by 90% whilst significantly reducing the costs by 50%.

Fedr8 solves this problem using it’s proprietary artificial intelligence engine which interrogates software at a code level allowing the code in that software to be changed to suit the major cloud companies’ cloud platforms. 50% of enterprise organizations have over 500 software applications written in multiple programming languages across their global estates. This Enterprise is Fedr8’s primary market. Fedr8 are in the business of digital transformation to enable Enterprise businesses to optimize technology advancements. Our mission is to support our customers in embracing the business benefits of the adoption of the Digital Economies through accelerated adoption of Cloud Environments.