Green Rain software accepted onto the AWS Marketplace.

Fedr8 is pleased to announce that after extensive testing, Green Rain has been accepted by AWS and is now available for subscription to 260,000 global customers on the AWS Marketplace.

Many organizations want to run Green Rain inside AWS accounts they control because:

  1. They want Green Rain to analyze their code without that code being transferred outside of their control.
  2. They want to deploy Green Rain their own accounts to meet compliance rules.
  3. They want to purchase Green Rain on a pay-as-you-go consumption model.

This is especially important for global systems integrators who have multiple complex enterprise customers and many AWS accounts. By using the AWS Marketplace, they can access their software subscriptions from anywhere in the world and deploy to any AWS accounts they manage for their clients.

How it works

To get Fedr8 Green Rain from the AWS Marketplace:

  1. You can purchase by the hour or with Bring Your Own Licence (BYOL) which means customers must have a licence agreement in place already with Fedr8 – get a licence here.
  2. Go to the Fedr8 page on AWS Marketplace and buy a subscription.
  3. Launch your own Green Rain instance in your AWS account.
  4. Customers only pay for the applications they analyze. They can have as many instances of the software as they need.
  5. Green Rain runs on an EC2 instance in your AWS accounts and you pay for the EC2 resources consumed. Usage and billing is all handled via the AWS Marketplace.

Damion Green, Fedr8 CEO, said: “We wanted to make Green Rain simple to use in customer cloud environments. All customers need to do is get a licence from Fedr8 then get the software from the AWS Marketplace. It means they can plug Green Rain into their workflow and get insights into code within an hour of subscribing. They control where their code lives, and how Green Rain integrates. And if they get stuck, the Fedr8 team are here for support, but mostly we’re hands-off.”

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