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Get a Green Rain licence

Get a licence and support direct from Fedr8 to run Green Rain on your premises or the cloud of your choice.

All you need to do is complete the form below to acquire a licence to run Green Rain by Fedr8.

Once you have a licence from Green Rain you can go to the AWS Marketplace to subscribe to the Green Rain BYOL offering. If you want to run Green Rain on another platform, we can supply an image for that platform on request.

We currently accept payment via invoice and our agent will request standard invoice details including company name, address, VAT number, company number. You will be invoiced with the licence. Payment terms are 30 day net.

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For more than 100 applications, just make a note in the comment field and a Fedr8 agent will contact you. If you're not sure how many applications you might analyze, just enter a smaller number to start with and Fedr8 can increase your count at any time.

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