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Green Rain Pricing

Fedr8 Green Rain subscriptions are priced by the number of named applications that have been imported to and analyzed by the Green Rain platform.

Packages are flexible to accommodate any size organization.

Our progressive pricing ensures you receive the most value from your Green Rain subscription: the average price per application decreases when you analyze more applications

All prices are in British Sterling GBP and exclusive of VAT.

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Frequently Asked Questions

When Green Rain is delivered by SaaS, it is hosted by Fedr8 in our cloud. You securely upload your code repository to an instance of Green Rain that is dedicated to you. Once you have downloaded your analysis we remove your dedicated instance.

When Green Rain is delivered as an Appliance, you take the responsibility for running it on your premises or the cloud of your choice. Infrastructure compute, storage and network is your responsibility.

The user experience of using Green Rain whether delivered as SaaS or as an Appliance is the same: the same UI, experience and results. The difference is with the Appliance your code doesn’t leave your secure environment and you can finely control the compute resources available for the Green Rain engine.

If you are just getting started with Green Rain then the Fedr8 SaaS platform is perfect. The Appliance process is simple and well matched to common enterprise requirements.

Enterprise pricing is only available direct to enterprises. Partners such as consultancies, systems integrators or resellers should contact Fedr8 to discuss partner pricing which is described below.

The Cloud module is the part of Green Rain that discovers cloud-related technical dependencies such as HTTP Session Management, RDBMS, DiskIO and more. These dependencies need to be considered as part of a cloud migration because they may be benign and require no action, or they may operate differently in the target cloud, or they are an opportunity to optimize for the cloud.

For example, if your application uses HTTP Session Management by storing state locally on the server, this may behave differently on an immutable and ephemeral cloud compute instance during automated scaling and other operational events. This can cause end users to lose their session which will cause customer irritation and lead to complaints. The opportunity to fix this is to refactor the application slightly to use a cloud-managed distributed session management solution such as AWS Elasticache or Redis as a highly-available, non-local external application state store.

#TODO Learn more about the Green Rain Cloud Module

The Container module interprets the Green Rain analysis to advise which parts of the application may be containerized. Applications are often “modularized” and Green Rain can discover this and do a lookup on Docker for any possible container matches.

#TODO Learn more about the Green Rain Container Module

The Licence module interprets the Green Rain analysis to highlight where proprietary software is being used and recommend open source replacements. 

#TODO Learn more about the Green Rain Licence Module

For more complex installations and requirements a Fedr8 Green Rain cloud application expert will support you.

This is critical for enterprises to get the most value of out their Green Rain investment. Whilst Green Rain is simple to use, in more complex enterprises with large migration and modernization programs, you can get to value faster with expert guidance from Fedr8.

Onboarding includes kick-off meetings to align resources and activities, workshops to train staff, and the Fedr8 expert will advise you on how to use the analysis results to improve your remediation, migration and modernization actions.

Partner Pricing

Partners embed Green Rain in their value-added services to their enterprise customers. These services are typically delivering cloud strategy, application modernization, cloud migration and digital transformation. 

The range of Fedr8 partners includes small niche consultancies to global systems integrators. Different packages are available and are built around a principle of named client and named applications.

For example, if a Fedr8 partner uses Green Rain for two named customers who have ten applications each, then this is two separate packages and different from buying one “all you can eat” package of twenty applications.

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