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Green Rain's deep-learning code analysis reveals the risks and opportunities for application modernization and cloud migration

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What enterprises tell us about their challenges

“Our application has a dated technology stack and technical debt making it expensive and fragile.”
“Our current hosting provider is end of contract and not fit for purpose with associated risks and high costs.”
“We worry that our faster competitors have an advantage while our app is fragile and resistant to change.”

What is Green Rain by Fedr8?

A purpose-built machine learning code analysis tool 
for fast application modernization and migration insights

Green Rain is an easy to use, purpose-built tool to provide application-centric analysis and recommendations as part of application migration and modernization.

What the analysts say

“Historically, the complexity of large, inter-connected and multi-vintage application ‘spaghetti’ has inhibited change. The proprietary Fedr8 system uses machine learning techniques to emulate how a human reads the code. Instead of taking several man-weeks of effort, the time required for the analysis is reduced to a few machine-hours. The fact that Fedr8 has been accepted by several large banks to drive Proofs of Concept at such an early stage of the company’s development is a major endorsement of the Fedr8 solution”


What does Green Rain do?

Estimate the cost and effort to refactor the dependencies that Green Rain discovers.

Explore each dependency category to build your application’s remediation and refactoring plan.

Visually interact down to the code-line level to discover complexity and entanglement of your code dependencies.

Machine learning engine that needs minimal guidance instead of many man-weeks of effort
Easy to use SaaS or on-premises appliance to balance ease of use with control and scale
Analyse hundreds of thousands of lines of code in modern languages with no setup
Discover technical dependencies right down to the code-level to ease remediation

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Read the Green Rain deployment guide which explains the different ways to get Green Rain.

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Green Rain is available as a Fedr8-hosted SaaS offering, or as a virtual appliance.
Enterprises can buy it directly from Fedr8 or from one of our partners as part of their value-added cloud application migration and modernization services.

Why do teams modernize and migrate applications?

There are numerous triggers that drive application modernization and migration to the cloud.

Does Green Rain work with the migration 6Rs?

Yes. Code analysis gives unparalleled insights into replatform and refactor.
How Green Rain provides insights to the 6Rs of migration

Why do we need
Green Rain?

Over time an application can degrade because people leave, documentation is not updated and technical debt accrues.

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