Application Migration

Migrating to a global cloud provider or moving to a PaaS is a daunting prospect. Fedr8 with its unrivalled application migration knowledge using Green Rain accelerates decisions and migration times, delivering to target, time and budget. The Green Rain software suite manages each individual application migration at a static source code level meaning the very largest projects are bespoke, granular and accurate.

We have the key knowledge and skills to migrate with confidence with these key questions answered:

What are the dependencies of the target
Will my applications reside gracefully?
What and where are the dependencies of my applications
How do I scope my estate prior to the project initiation?

Fedr8 uses Green Rain to answer all of these questions, pinpointing the lines of code where warnings are generated and categorising these by type and complexity.

The candidates for migration can be selected from amongst those applications pre-informing if it is cost effective to retire, replace or refactor prior to the migration project kick off.

The deep knowledge removes risk, shortens timelines and delivers a cost effective and successful migration to the target environment.