Application Modernisation

Companies and Governments are under constant pressure to increase competitiveness and deliver radical improvements in service delivery. Undoubtedly the adoption of newer technologies provides the ability to transform, however most organisations are locked the status quo of their existing legacy applications. Legacy applications are essential to their operations and represent millions of dollars in investment. At the same time, however, legacy applications are costly to maintain and often lack the flexibility to meet changing market demands. It is this conflict of historic investment, fear of change, and cost and speed of transformation that is preventing the realisation of billions of pounds of benefit.

The big questions facing decision makers are whether to:

Replace, Refactor or Retire!

Fedr8’s Green Rain platform provides the data to inform these choices, quickly and accurately at a fraction of the cost of traditional methods.

Green Rain analyses the static source code of the application, rapidly, consistently and accurately to deliver actionable insights through machine learned forensic analysis. These insights ignite the opportunity to confidently embark on transformational change.

Historically, the complexity of large, inter-connected and multi-vintage application “spaghetti” has inhibited change. The proprietary Fedr8 system uses machine learning techniques to emulate how a human reads the code. Instead of taking several man-months of effort, the analysis is completed within a few machine-hours, allowing portfolios of applications to be assessed, prioritised and if necessary refactored in an affordable amount of time.

Green Rain circumvents the limitations of a rules based system to expose not only the genetic construct of an application, but the meaning and relationships embedded within the code. Only when you have such a complete and accurate view of an application, can you truly displace the resources and costs associated with making decisions at scale.

Typical questions Green Rain answers:

How complex is my application?
How cloud ready is my application and what is the cost of refactoring?
How informed is my Container project?
What is my exposure to third party licensing which is being used indirectly through an API?
How easily would it be to decouple my entangled application or platform for M&A?
How do I inform my open source strategy as to where my legacy estate uses enterprise licensing?
How do I blueprint my application?
How do I visualize and cost my micro service candidates?
How do I identify API integrations in order to build modular applications?