Fedr8 Pathway

Fedr8 Pathway is led by a team of migration and re factoring specialists developed out of the Fedr8 application analysis practice. Pathway takes client customers on their journey to the Cloud through the mobility of containers and Cloud ready applications to utilise the benefits of cloud architecture and pricing.

On the Pathway journey we start with the application estate and conduct a cloud readiness assessment (CRA). The applications portfolio will be analysed to discover languages, platform dependencies, API calls and other obstacles to a cloud journey. With the Fedr8 pathway this process is condensed into hours per application using the Green Rain static source code analysis suite.

With all the information derived from the CRA migration methodology. A detailed TCO and plan of the project can be produced leaving customers and partners to make informed decisions about the estate, potential target cloud and migration methodology.

Fedr8 Pathway offers the flexibility for partners to deliver the migration through their own application migration teams or use the specialist Fedr8 Pathway team to recode and refactor application estate delivering the applications to the target environment.